Touring Citi Field: Approaching From The Expressway Side

Most Mets fans probably take the 7 train.   When I have to come from Mets Police HQ with one of the kids I drive, and since I am cheap I park in Corona and walk.  When you do, you come in from this angle.

This is the view of the Left Field gate…and notice what is on-top of the gate.  Pictures of Mets!  I wish there were more things like this.

Also notice along the third base side here, we have this new street.   This was never here before – and I think it deserves a name.  We’ll all have our own ideas and suggestions but something like Seaver Street or the Hernandez Highway (ok maybe that one would lead to jokes but you get the idea).

Another view of “Bob Murphy Boulevard” or “Pee Wee Reese Road” if the Wilpons continue their Dodger fetish.

A closer shot of the banners.   This is what we’re talking about!  How about some inside!

I like the font they used on the gates.   If you want to beat the crowds the left field and right field gates are great ways to enter.

Tomorrow, more from our trip down Mookie Wilson Way.
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for the "street" outside LF/3B, call it "Shea Way" or "Shea Place" since half of that street used to be the picnic area/bleachers at Shea.Casey Stengel Plaza (I can't even recall where it used to be at Shea) should be the name of the picnic area atop the Rotunda on the Upper Deck concourse.

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