Tour Of Citi Field: Banners On Left Field Ramp

When I attended the McCartney Concert I got all excited: As I walked up the left field ramp I noticed a bunch of Mets banners I hadn’t noticed before.

So I checked with the guys over at Faith and Fear in Flushing to see if they were new….

..and he correctly informed me that you can only see them from the inside when the light hits them a certain way.   The shot here on the left is from after the concert, and as you can see, it looks like a white windbreaker.   The Gooden shot is clearly being lit by the sun.

So these are just the player banners above the left field gate, which I dig, but it’s a shame you can’t appreciate them from the inside.

One thing I felt at the concert, and it was no surprise, is that Citi Field is so Mets-less that the Mariners could move in on Monday and not have to change a thing on the inside.

Anyway, these are cool and there should be more things like this at the park.

The Mets had promised “more Mets stuff” in the second half – but as of midnight Saturday I sure didn’t see any.

This shot looks really cool.  It doesn’t look this cool in real life.

When I buy the team all the hallways will look like this.

The images are all flipped because they face out and I was on the inside.

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