Forbes lists MLB's worst owner: One Guess

In this article, the Sports Money blog of Forbes magazine says:

Baseball’s worst owner? Always tough to say, given how subjective the arguments can be. But the Mets’ Fred Wilpon is certainly making a good run at it.

The article says that the Mets are flawed because they think New York won’t tolerate a rebuild, and that the Mets are obsessed with the Yankees.

I understand the sentiment, and it is one I used to share, but here in the 2010′s I disagree.   There’s way too many other things to spend money on, including the Yankees.   There’s a generation of future fans at stake.  There’s a 24/7 news cycle that goes beyond the 20 years of sports radio now.  You may have heard about this internet thing.

Baseball was once our passive soap opera.  Something you watched on Channel 9 on a summer night.   Now baseball season never ends, and the Mets can be the lead story every day.  As I wrote in the article below, it’s all about how consumers spend their cash.  No, the Mets can’t go into rebuilding mode.  Not in this town in this decade.

That doesn’t mean the team is doomed.   They just need a new person to run the show.

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"No, the Mets can’t go into rebuilding mode. Not in this town in this decade." Uh, exactly what do they have to lose at this point? Half the entries to this blog are about how big a joke the franchise has become and how the fans simply aren't buying what the Mets are selling anymore. What difference does it make if people aren't buying tickets because the team is in transition or they're not buying tickets simply because the team is altogether broken? At least the former option offers one some hope. Wilpon just got named the worst owner in the game by _Forbes_. Is his "brand" going to suffer any more if he actually looks toward a long-term solution instead of pretending there's not a problem? Honestly, at this point, today, what do they really have to lose by blowing it up--from the top down; that's important--and putting it back together? Any combination of Wright, Reyes, and Santana would make a pretty good foundation to build upon. Somebody just has to put the right pieces around them, and I'd much rather accept that that will take a few years to do the right way than be forced to tolerate any more of Mr. Autonomy's pitiful attempts at solving problems months after they've already arisen.

Ron Davis
Ron Davis

Time for Fred to sell the team he is slaping each and every Mets fan in the face. Look nobody fools them to think the Mets are the Yankees but that does not make us want to admit we got to be happy as is. I do not blame Omar except for a stupid press confrence but overall he can only get what he is allowed to get. He takes deals up to his bosses but Jeff says no he can't go over Jeff's head to get the real owners yes. So he is between a rock and hard places. All Gms make both good and bad deals. Time for Fred to go into full retirement and take Jeff into retirement with him and sell it too a group of investors who want to make the right people in charge .

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