Improbable maybe, but not impossible

Eagle eye Dan looked up and noticed this phrase up on the museum ceiling.  It’s one of my favorites.

Last year at the 1969 ceremony Tom Seaver gave a great speech.  Here is my post from August 24th, 2009 – and man when I got to the end and saw my own words I got really happy.  Tom’s words in bold and what I wrote in italics…then some more thoughts from today.

Howie thank you very much, and all you fans of course another well deserved thank you to all of you.

People call us the Miracle Mets but nothing was impossible when you played for Gil Hodges.

Improbable maybe, but impossible never.

With the first championship we gave validity to a franchise. It’s a thread that joins us as teammates to our children and our grandchildren, everybody on this ballclub and the fans, forever.

That perfect improbable glorious season when the 1969 Mets became World Champions.

You believed in us, we believed that we could make it happen and the trophy and the memories are ours forever, and the trophy serves as a memento that we were both correct.

We all cherish these memories, each and every day, each and every one of us, forever.

And on behalf of all of us standing out here in these white glorious Met home uniforms thank you all New York.

I think these are some of the best words said about the franchise and I would like to see the following words posted somewhere at Citi Field….just like Yankee Stadium has DiMaggio’s quote, I’d like to see this, which I think is quite fitting.

Well, I got what I wanted.  There they are, phrased differently but it makes me wonder if the Seaver of 2009 was paraphrasing his own quote, or perhaps those are someone else’s words.

Regardless, the sentiment is correct and for our undefeated 2010 warriors, maybe this can be a rally call better than believing in comebacks.

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