Pictures of banners from Mets Banner Day

Now that Ike’s here, and the game didn’t go 20 innings, I thought it was time for a typical Mets Police post.  Here’s Jon:

Hello Shannon….

I used to be a big fan of banner day and I was very sorry to see it go ( six times I won prizes…). While googling banner day this morning I came upon your website…very cool.

I thought you might get a kick out of some photos of banners I had made in years gone by.



Come on Dave Howard, have one more. Let’s see what happens. What’s the worst that happens, you opened the gates half an hour early? You should trust me by now..I know your customers. One more. I guarantee you people will react very positively.

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Now taking uniform requests apparently

this can be good for the economy. people will spend some money on the art & crafts supplies necessary to make these signs.


These banners are awesome! And I love their optimism!


Wow, that guy is awesome! He needs to start making banners again, Cmon shannon, lets get this done. e.

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