You could own this jersey: Heilman

You know those weirdos that walk around snapping photos of random jerseys and crap at the Mets stores?

Oh you thought I meant myself?


Last night I met Andy at Big Apple Brews (Promenade) and we had a good time talking about jerseys and obstructed views and Mets Police and sure enough look what he had in his phone.

Here is a photo from Andy’s phone which is perfectly capable of taking over this site some day, although he isn’t fat. He even added a comment: Heilman was from last season and was being sold as “game used” at the “Heroes and Heritage” store for about $100. Like I said yesterday, who the heck would buy that?

Media Goon did a good job last week covering but this kid Andy might be the future.

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Shannon Shark @metspolice

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