Photo: Overanalyzing Sandy and Colactus' purchases at the Mets store

@newyorkmets is on fire!  Yesterday Beltran and Bay answered Qs and when I checked yesterday they were going to have Ike Davis do it.  (I suspect the Hypnotoad is behind this!)

The Mets also tweeted this picture of Sandy Alderson and Colactus doing some shopping.

Let’s start there.  Can Sandy not call promotions and be like “Yo, bring me up a hoodie?”   Maybe not?

Anyway, let’s look at what they were about to purchase:

It seems Colactus is a fan of gray things.  Nothing wrong with that.

Sandy seems to have an assortment of blue things.   That is good my friend.

Neither seems to have any interest in the black stuff.

Have I mentioned that so far the Mets have made all appearances in the pinstripes not the pinless and definitely not the black?  Yes I have.  Yes I will continue to.

By the way, don’t you just feel like adults are in charge for the first time in a long long time?   Like maybe since Cashen/Davey – and Davey was as “adult” as I am when I let Junior watch The Shield with me.

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Jimmy the Met Fan
Jimmy the Met Fan

I don't get the Colactus nickname. Did I miss something? Can someone please explain it?

Shannon Shark
Shannon Shark

On another blog someone wrote a post called Terry Collins: destroyer of teams It reminded me of Galactus, the Fantastic Four villain who is The Destroyer of Worlds Then Randy from The Apple photoshopped it And it makes three of us laugh.

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