Mike Piazza discusses steroids

I almost messed up and used “on” where I now have “discussed.”  I meant the same thing but glad I didn’t throw him under the bus.

The Times seems to be the thing to read today.  They caught up with Mike and here’s what he had to say on steroids.  I don’t know what the question was:

“It’s been debated — a lot,” Piazza said, referring to the steroids issue in general. “I just want to focus on the positive things of that era. It was a fun time to play baseball. There was a lot going on. There were some positives, and that’s what I want to address.”

He added: “As a player, I don’t get into the whole debate about how people will judge you. I just want to go out there and at least say this was a fun time to play and contribute to the game.”

via Mike Piazza Talks Up Memoir, Down Any Plans to Own Piece of Mets – NYTimes.com.

In that article is a quote where Mike says he will discuss steroids in his upcoming book.

I’m trying so hard to be fair but I look at that quote and what it’s missing to me is a word like “never.”  In fairness, perhaps the question was “do you think steroids have been debated?”

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