Rubin says no 1986 celebration, I have heard differently

Adam Rubin’s headline on ESPN New York is:  No ’86 celebration on 25th anniversary

Adam is way more in the trenches than I am…however, I have heard differently and I’ve heard it directly from very good sources.

My belief is that rather than a one-event celebration that the 1986ers will be visible throughout the season, more in line with what Adam says here:

Still, there should be moments this year when individual players from that championship team are recognized.

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  1. Camptown ladies sing dis song, Doo-dah! doo-dah!…Duda’s blast yesterday to beat the Red Sox was fantastic. It brought back fond memories of 1986! Beating the Red Sox anytime….priceless!

    Was at the game yesterday. Largest crowd ever in PSL…. 7413

  2. Yes, you’re basically saying the same thing, he’s just choosing to spin it in a negative way by saying “no _this_”

    • I think Adam’s headline writer got the vibe wrong.


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