David Einhorn: what's he about?

einhorn book

I don’t know anything about David Einhorn.  I’m a fat guy with Google.

Apparently he has a book called “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time, a Long Short Story”

In 2002, David Einhorn, the President of Greenlight Capital, gave a speech at a charity investment conference to benefit a children’s cancer hospital. He was asked [...]

In memory of Mets Fan Dana Brand

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.16.20 PM

I won’t stretch the truth and tell you that I knew Dana Brand well.  The little that I knew Dana I liked very much.

Dana passed away yesterday of a heart attack, and I got the news from fellow blogger Greg Prince.

I thought I’d start with letting Dana tell you about himself.

My name is Dana Brand [...]

New York Mets select David Einhorn as Preferred Partner

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.16.20 PM


Einhorn to Invest $200 Million for Minority, Non-Operating Stake in Team

FLUSHING, N.Y., May 26, 2011 – The New York Mets today announced that David Einhorn has been selected as the team’s preferred partner and that the Mets and Mr. Einhorn have entered into exclusive negotiations with [...]

The June 4th giveaway Mets cap


This is the giveaway for Saturday June 4th which I believe is a Saturday, unlike Saturday May 28th.  You explain to my kid why we don’t have tickets but we do have tickets for Tuesday (which is a Saturday).

Who wants to play Match Game 2011?  Ready?

This orange back on this cap is so weird.  How [...]

Obligatory David Einhorn post

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.16.20 PM

I run a Mets related blog and everyone is abuzz this morning about the story that David Einhorn may be the new minority owner so I should mention it, right?

I think I will sit this one out until it’s all said and done.

What are your emotions about the story?

The awesomeness that will be Jose Reyes Banner Night in August

reyes banner night

Hi.  Ponder this.

In case you have lousy eyesight like me, it says JOSE REYES BANNER AND FIESTA LATINA.

Sounds fun, right?

Well…if you were the New York Mets and every decision you make goes wrong, when would you schedule JOSE REYES NIGHT?

June?  May?

Nope.  August 5th.  You know, August.  After the trade deadline.

The Mets very well may have [...]

ASPCA says Coffee the dog appears well adjusted

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.16.20 PM

You know it, you love it, it’s the daily update on Coffee the Dog

The ASPCA confirmed to (reporter Dave) Carlin the dog appears healthy and well adjusted, but added even though it appears no laws have been broken, Coffee will be examined again during at least one of her upcoming stadium appearances “just to make [...]

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