Mets Police 80's Week: Gooden wins 300th game

This post is a bit of a cheat since it (a) never happened and (b) supposedly would have happened in 1998…however, it’s Dwight Gooden and he’s forever in the 80′s for me and this is one of my favorite pieces of Mets randomness ever.

This post right here makes all the work I have out into the blog worth it.  I have been looking around the dark corners of the internet for years for this article.  This once lived on the Star Wars bulletin board behind the door in my room.  Long gone.  It’s a “future” article written about Gooden’s 300th win that showed up very very early in Doc’s career.

Then Scott emailed me the Holy Grail.

Click Gooden Wins 300th and it will open as a PDF that’s big enough that you can read the entire thing.  Wait until you see who the manager is….but you’re not going to like what happened in the 1988 Subway Series.

Scott, thank you thank you thank you.

Now who has a real screen shot of “Congratulations Red Sox?”

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I know when these pieces are written, they tend to present an unrealistically eventful period between the time the article is written and the time when it takes place. This one didn’t seem that outlandish, given Doc’s potential. I’m sure Shawn Abner and Don Mattingly would sign for Lupica’s vision of 1986-1998.

Steve D
Steve D

I recall reading this when it came out also...reminds me of the famous Sandy Koufax line..."I'd trade my past for his future". I bet Sandy is glad he couldn't actually do that.

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