You missed: on-field pics, a tire fire and RA video

It’s summer and you probably do cool things on the weekend.  But now you are stuck at a desk and killing time until 5pm. The Mets Police are here to help you with plenty to read.

Conversely, I am spending time with the family today and I’m leaving the electronics home.  Media Goon will be in charge (email whatever comes up to and I’ll catch you later.

New posts will roll out below this one at the normal pacing.

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Mets Police Tickets

On Friday night, Goon and I were the guests of the Mets.  We got some time with the awesomely cool RA Dickey

Here are some photos I took while in the Mets dugout and some more from on the field.

Yes I am overwhelmingly grateful and fortunate to have that experience, and once again much thanks to my hosts over in Queens.

On Saturday I attended the game, here’s a pictorial recap on Mets Police.  Here’s all my photos from Saturday on Google+ (add me to your circles!) and here’s a photo gallery of the Tire Fire.

Also on Saturday, Mr. Met posed for this photo..hey what’s that cool t-shirt that guy is wearing?


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