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I saw this at lunch-time yesterday, and normally I’d be all over this, but there were so many posts scheduled I thought I’d save it for now.

in raw numbers, the Mets lost the third-largest TV viewership in 2011 compared to the previous season, according to the study.

In all, 39,000 fewer homes per game watched the Mets this past season.

via Mets TV viewership drops – Mets Blog – ESPN New York.

Negativity aside, let’s remember that the Mets are the 4th most watched behind the NYYs, Boston and Philly.  Details here.

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  1. I just think people are tired of the same old Mets. No offense but the same old fourth place finish every year, there is no spark.

    They are out of it by the All Star break every year. How many meanless baseball games can you watch?

    I know we have to sit out the next year or so before we can contend, but that doessn’t make it any easier.


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