The Mets’ Regrets: Will You Start Loving Citi Field If It Gets Uglier?

Late day items popping up right and left.  This Deadspin article warms my heart.  Read the entire thing.

The blue wall is in keeping with what the Wilpons have been forced to do since the stadium—adding large banners of Mets greats throughout the stadium, bringing the old Shea home run apple to the front of the stadium, trying to cover the overwhelming, generic Otherness of the entire stadium with something identifiably Mets-ian. Oh, and that’s right: For the first time since 1996 the Mets are bringing back Banner Day.

via The Mets’ Regrets: Will You Start Loving Citi Field If It Gets Uglier?.


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FL Met Fan Rich
FL Met Fan Rich

Miami is a separate animal of its own. They can get away with the fish tanks, tacky flamingos and glitz. They are South Beach! People don't actually go the game to "Go to the Game", they go there to be seen and be part of the scene. Trust me that stadium is going to look alot uglier once everbody has been seen there once (myself included) and you can hear the echos when they have 10,000 people there. I give it two years at the most, less if Ozzie doesn't shut his "Pie Hole" and stop pissing off the major fan base. They are not going to be that good either after spending all that money!  Think about their clubhouse chemistry with Ozzie, Hanley, Jose, Zambrano. There are not enough rings for that clown show and circus! 

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