Wednesday night Mets crowd shots



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...give this team something to play for.... Which is US, the fans.


It's getting pathetic. Weve had good weather, and a good team. We as Mets fans can bitch all we want about the team. But we still have to support it. These are Tampa Bay crowds right now, and we as fans are better than that. You know I've been a fan of your blog for a few years now, but frankly I think there's certain things you need to cut back on, one of them being the "Boycot Wilpons, what's on TV" article. Your blog has a lot of influence, as we have seen over the past 2 seasons. And you've always promoted putting money in the Mets economy. Now is the time for Mets fans to be Mets fans. Get out there, support this team. They've swept division rivals twice at home. they've had 3 walk off wins. This team is good. It's home grown. It's full of gritty players. It's really what we have been yearning for. Are they going to win the championship? Probably not, but not out of the realm of possibility. Will they compete? They proved they will. I urge everyone to go out and

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