Soon you will have your Mets Banner Day rules information

Soon you will have information about the rules regarding Banner Day and the judges.

I shall share this information as soon as I can.

Be sure to buy tickets for May 27th because if you don’t here’s what happens….

…the Mets can claim “nobody cared about Banner Day when we brought it back in 2012″ and it’s going to take my 25 freakin’ years to wait until everyone in the front office cycles out and I maybe might even have to outlive Jeff Wilpon to get them to do it again.

Please please please don’t let them take Banner Day away again.  I know it’s a holiday weekend but if you’re in town you could do a lot worse than walking around the field with a piece of paper that says “Let’s Go Mets.”  You don’t have to go bananas.  Just buy the chepest ticket and make a half-arse sign and walk around.

I ask you for very little.

As I type this in my orange office with a five foot bus-ad for Lee Mazzilli, a 1982 team photo and a Mercury Mets cap  I ask you to fill the place.

See you there and remember:  Be Dickey not dicky.

Oh in case it got lost on the soapbox – I will have information for you shortly.  Won’t be today.


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