Using the SNY 50 Greatest Mets special to divine the All Time Mets Team

Now that there’s kind of an official 50 Greatest Mets list, let’s reverse engineer it to see who will be named as the All Time Mets Team at the 92nd Street Y event on Father’s Day.

LHSP Jerry Koosman (#4)

RHSP Come on. Find another blog if you don’t know. (#1)

LHRP John Franco (#14)

RHRP Roger McDowell I guess (#44)

C Mike Piazza (#6). There will be sentiment for Carter but I think Piazza will get the nod.

1B Keith Hernandez (#3)

2B Edgardo Alfonzo (#13)

SS Jose Reyes was #9 in the special and everyone was saying he was the best SS the franchise ever had. Will be awkward that night but it makes sense. Buddy Harrelson should wear a suit just in case.

3B David Wright (#8)

LF Cleon Jones (#11)

CF Carlos Beltran was seventh in the special ahead of Wright and Reyes. Will they blow off Team Ambassador Mookie Wilson? I’m not so sure.

RF Darryl Strawberry (#5)

and there’s no way over Tom Seaver’s body (dead or alive) that Seaver will allow anyone but Gil Hodges to be named the manager.

So there you have it. It’s pretty cut and dry. Maybe there’s a question in CF. And as I said, Buddy might want to wear a suit to the event.


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Michael LeBard
Michael LeBard

Realize he isn't in the Hall of Fame, but serious consideration for Catcher should be given to Jerry Grote here. Love Piazza, who will get this, but Grote was with the Mets for 11 seasons and two World Series. " Grote was the best catcher of his day, so much so that Hall of Famer Johnny Bench once said if he were on the same team with Grote, he would be the third baseman and Grote would be behind the plate" - Kevin Kernan in the "New York Post" August 12, 2009 Read more:

Patrick Cooley
Patrick Cooley

Piazza will be the catcher, but I too expect a major part devoted to Gary.  This is the only time I wish we had the DH.  Carter could take his rightful place behind the dish and Piazza could hit fourth where he should be.


I put Tug above both Franco & Orosco. Maybe I'm just jealously protecting my childhood?

Shannon Shark
Shannon Shark

I love Grote but he won't make it. Also factor in the split between 69/73 - 86 - 2000.

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