Randy from Read The Apple Thoughts on Mets No hit Ticket Reprints

This is an excerpt from my buddy Randy over at Read The Apple. I knew someone ideas and feelings about the Mets Ticket reprints would start to trickle it. For a rare instance Randy is not doing something absurdly funny or just insane but insightful and thoughtful. Wow. Now to think about it, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE REAL RANDY!!!!!!! Anyway read some of the fake Randy’s thoughts that I grabbed from his site.

I started thinking. What about people who bought walk up tickets or ordered them individually from Mets.com. They witnessed history the same as I did and now someone else can walk around with their seat numbers on a ticket stub? It doesn’t make sense.

The attendance for the game was 27,069. Citi Field holds 41,922. I did the math and that means there were 563 unused tickets. Then I had someone better at math do the math and they correctly pointed out that it was actually 14,853 unused seats. Why can’t the Mets just sell those stubs?

Which brings up another thought. The great thing about being the Mets is that they are allowed to slap the name Mets on anything and sell it for a premium. So why not just make a special commemorative ticket and sell that. You could put either a bogus or vacant seat location on it. It would be no more a “real” ticket than a reprinted ticket.

What if you had those horrible e-tickets to the game? The Mets email is unclear as to whether your 50 bucks gets you the ticket for the actual seat you had or if you just get “best available seat in that location.” For that, why wouldn’t I just go here and get a fully framed one with my correct seat for less than $50? Seems like a better deal than what the Mets are offering doesn’t it?

Also to prove that he understands trying to make money in a capitalistic system he writes:

The Mets are in the business of making money and with¬†Nohan stubs breaking records online¬†it would be foolish to completely ignore the secondary market. If someone wants to pay for what is essentially a fake ticket, charge them whatever you want. Just don’t sell someone an exact copy of mine or anyone else’s seat.

Good work fake Randy…Read the rest of his post here.

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