Thoughts on Tom Seaver's thoughts

An interesting read here where Patrick Flood links to both a MetsBlog quote where Seaver says he has “never met Johan personally” and yet Flood posts a picture of Seaver and Johan Santana.

When Bob Costas had Seaver on last fall I felt like Tom would start an answer and sort of lose his train of thought in the middle,  Here’s what I wrote back then:

If you read Mets Police every day you know this site is mostly about the off-field experience as a fan, so I write this with the utmost resepct, but Tom Seaver is seeming old to me.

A friend of mine pointed it out to me a few months back, and I stayed in denial, all the way through most of Studio 42.

Tom tends to give long answers now and lose his way as he goes along.  A few times Costas threw out a question and Tom gave a great answer, just not the answer to what Bob asked.  At the end of the special they cut to a clip of Tom’s HOF speech and there was the sharp pointed Tom I remembered.

This post isn’t about picking on Tom, it’s about making sure we appreciate Tom all we can.  (Much like we do with Kiner.)

I guess I said it best the first time.  We’re all getting older.


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Joe DiLeo
Joe DiLeo

I was just going to mention the same thing Ron did, although, if I remember correctly, the host wasn't Burkhardt, but was Ron Darling. It was a pretty good special. Maybe Seaver means that he's never met him for dinner or something. It's obvious that they've, at the very least, made each other's acquaintance, but maybe in nothing more than a "we're both here talking about baseball" sense.


SNY did a special a few years back where Kevin Burkhardt interviewed both Seaver and Santana together.  I recall that the Mets had not yet pitched a no-hitter came up .... Burkhardy asked Seaver who he thought would be the first to do it and Seaver pointed to Santana .... at about the same time, Johan rasied his hand saying he thought he would be the first.

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