Mets Police 90's Week is coming July 9th

Here’s how far my limited photoshop abilities got yesterday before Mrs. Mets Police started talking and talking…but 90′s week is coming along quite well.

The deeper I dive into the 1990′s Mets I realize it’s the most ridiculous decade imaginable.  The images I selected above speak volumes (and don’t forget Mr. Bonilla reportedly gets his annual $1,193,248.20 check from Wilpons-Katz on July 1st (nice head Fred)).

Before we even get anywhere near Piazza/Alfonzo/Bobby V there is so so so so much to talk about with this decade that I may have to make it my second book.

As for the first book “Send the Beer Guy!” it’s coming along quite well.  As it evolves it seems to be weaving the story of the 2012 Mets with various random memories in my ususal choppy sentences style.  If you loved Faith & Fear In Flushing well you’ll kinda like this.  More details on “Send the Beer Guy!” as it gets closer but it will probably be a quite inexpensive e-book.

As for 90′s week:

Why 90′s Week?  I find it’s a good way to fill the All Star Break which not so coincidentally allows me to travel without worrying about the blog or torturing Media Goon into making generic posts.  Last year there was 80′s week (read about Gooden’s 300th win here!) and the year before 70′s week (try some pillbox caps).  Next year who knows..00′s week or 60′s?

Submissions:  Several of you have sent things and if I haven’t responded yet it’s because I’m looking for a few hours to play catch-up (did I mention Mrs. Mets Police talking and talking?) but rest assured your emails don’t go unnoticed.

If you’d like to submit something the first question I get asked is what can people submit.  ANYTHING Mets 1990-99.  a picture, a baseball card, a story, an article from your blog, a picture of you and your buddy outside Gate D.  Anything 90′s goes…and what a ride it was.

Sponsors:  Hey if your donut shop, local neighborhood Mets themed sports bar, or pizza business would like to jump on board and sponsor the week I would be happy to include you in every post for $50.  That’s a lot of impressions my friend.

How do I contact the Mets Police?  email me   If it takes me more than 12 hours to respond it means I have passed away in which case contact   If neither of us contacts you then we are both dead and in retrospect I should have given Ceetar admin rights.

So..anyone gonna buy the ebook?

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