Mets, Wait I Mean Indians Hernandez/Baerga

Mr. Shark might be on his own secret missions, but he is still able to send some cool stuff into his own sight. Keith Hernandez on the Indians and a mention of future Mets player Carlos Baerga.

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Indians of 1990 was a team in transition.
Brothers David and Dick Jacobs purchased the team in 1986 and the plan to make the team competitive was being molded. We were a few years away from those powerhouse teams of the 90s.
The infield of that season was an example of the transition.
Keith Hernandez was signed as free agent to play first base. Carlos Baerga, acquired in a trade with the San Diego Padres for Joe Carter, would play shortstop and share some time with veteran third baseman Brook Jacoby.

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