Mets Citi Field in Top 10 Vegetarian Ball Park List.

I got this from Randy at At first ,I wasn’t too sure if it was real or not, but I will go with it is. Thanks Randy.

Citi Field and the Mets come in #6…

New York Mets’ Citi Field: Johan Santana, David Wright, and R. A. Dickey aren’t the only big draws at Citi Field. Mets’ faithful are also flocking to the stadium for the veggie patty sandwich, veggie dogs, veggie burgers, grilled vegetable heroes, and other meatless meals.

If you want to read the rest, you can go here.

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Kurt Smith
Kurt Smith

It's a hoot that Citizens Bank Park took the #1 spot. They have some of the unhealthiest meaty foods in baseball!


I get at least one veggie dog at every Met game I go to. They are really good. Kudos to the Mets for introducing more veggie fare!

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