Mets Uniforms from the Early 90's

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In 1983 the Mets introduced the home ‘racing stripe’ uniform (road
appeared in ’82). These were the jerseys that the ’86 club wore when
they won it all. in 1991 the Mets made a subtle change that and other
clubs around baseball were embracing – the return to the button up
jersey. The jerseys were basically the same although the jersey
lettering had a white drop shadow underneath the blue and orange.
These jerseys lasted for 2 forgettable seasons.

in 1993 there was a seismic shift for the Mets uniforms. True they
went back to a more ‘traditional’ look but the result was a totally
different lettering style. These were as MetsPolice and I like to
call them the ‘swoosh jerseys’. The Mets logo now had a tail or
swoosh. In addition the road NEW YORK went from a simple block
lettering (remarkably like the Yankees road uniforms) to a new script
design, nothing like the 1 year 1987 Mets script NEW YORK.

I think of all the Mets teams the 1993 club was the most reviled team
in club history. they were awful, 59-103, but were totally
unlikable. therefore the jerseys really invoke bad memories on my
part. The jerseys lasted 1 more year to 94 and were mercifully
disposed of in 1995 when the Mets went back to basics with Mets home
and road uni’s which invoked memories of the winning clubs of 1969 and


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