WATCH NOW!: Kiner's Korner with Tom Seaver April 5, 1983

This is awesome and mega-thanks to Dave for sending it in.  April 5, 1983.  I was there and Tom Seaver was back..all was right in the universe again.  Check out Ralph Kiner (he of the amazing dating list) and Tom Seaver wearing a snazzy blue jacket.

These have a tendency of disappearing so watch it while you can. I bet many of you have never actually seen a Kiner’s Korner.

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i was at the game also..what will always stand out in my head is when they announced seaver all you heard was and warming up in the bullpen #41..the place exploded, you heard nothing else..


Was a big Kiner's Korner girl back in the day. Thanks for posting the memory.

Steve D
Steve D the video is the Kiner's Korner logo I sent in that you posted a couple of weeks ago! I thought it was from the 70s, but it was the 80s.

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