Wal-Mart near Citi Field?

Walmart is launching a stealth campaign to build one of its mega stores in the Willets Point redevelopment, sources said.

according to the Daily News

It’s funny. I’m all in favor of developing 126th street but the idea of these stores and a movie theater between Citi and the Grand Central Parkway seems really ugly to me.

Let’s remember that Wilpon/Katz are in the real estate development business, and where there is smoke there is fire, so in my opinion you just have to live long enough before you can go shopping where Shea used to be.

Media Goon clipped this for you.


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only the junk yards aren't where Shea used to be.

Jerry Z
Jerry Z

If Walmart does move in, this would be uninspiring. I'm thinking strip mall sensibilities now. Nail salon, too?


Everyone is missing the connection here. The Wilpons and Walmart. They run the Mets like Walmart, cheap bargain basement. So why is everyone surprised. To the Wilpons the Mets are jut a loss leader in real estate. Once they destroy the Willets Point area they will sell and move on. Jeffy can hang with the Madoff boys and live happily ever after.


damn ,is there something wrong for people looking for bargains?I Don't,we dont make the big bucks like you.

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