Colactus needs to somehow get this Mets team to 82-20

Remember sweeping the Braves to start the season? Remember how good Banner Day felt? Remember when you all shot heroin rooted for Santana to throw lots of pitches on June 1? Remember the wild card hunt? Remember how you hoped Sandy would go get a pitcher?

All that is gone.

I went to Citi twice this week. On Wednesday I drove home listening to Howie Rose hope that Wednesday night was the nadir of the season. (He then went on to discuss how it’s not as bad as the late 70′s).

I went again yesterday. By 7:45 we were having conversations about what time we should leave. This was Game 15 of my 15 Game plan. Summer was dying an early death for me, and I was ready to leave. We stayed through 5 in case you care.

This team needs to grow. It needs to somehow start playing 8 games over .500 the rest of the way. 82-80 is so much better than 75-87 will look.

I think it starts with this….there’s a lineup that seems (unresearched, just eyeballs) to work. It starts Tejada-Murphy-Wright. That’s a no brainer and stop with this lefty right bull.

Then I think the organization is pretty clear that Ike Davis is the first baseman. Then play him every day. Stop with the Cedeno madness. Long term Cedeno does not matter.

Get Duda out there in RF. Or if you’re really going to walk away then get him in LF. But get him out there. It worked the first three months and we need to know for 2013.

Torres is not the future. Play Nieuwenhuis every day. By the way we’re back to a point where I had to look up his name again and I’m still not sure it’s right. Get him up here.)

Pitching wise…well I kinda am hopeful on Dickey day. Then I hope Niese’s one bad inning isn’t so bad. The rest? I like Chris Young for like 5 innings but there’s no bullpen. These kids, well that takes time. And the number 57 guy? Uh oh.

If you check my twitter timeline @metspolice you will see I tweeted in warmups that he was all over the place. Someone must have told the Braves because they were making contact.

And by 7:45 summer was over.

Terry, stop jerking around the lineup. Dance with who brung you to the All Star break. Roll those 6 or 7 or 8 guys out there every day, hope someone can pitch a halfway decent game, and let’s see what we got.

Yes I’m arguing it both ways. I want 82 wins and I want to protect the future. Tough call. But the lineup worked for three months, let’s see if Terry can put it back together.

And if you don’t want to do that then at least give David Wright some rest and Justin Turner some daylight when it’s 9-0 in the second.

Update – on mile 6 of this morning’s run I remembered Kirk is hurt. I bet someone mentioned it in the comments or twitter. I decided not to edit and make it like I never typed that.

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