Terry Watch Watch has begun, in an unexpected place

The Terry Watch Watch is where I keep an eye on the media to see if people are circling around Terry Collins. The actual Terry Watch would be a countdown to the inevitable end to his tenure as manager.

I do not want to see Colactus go, and I really don’t want to listen to yet another manager tell me things will be different. That’s just hitting a reset button on 2011.

The dichotomy of this season (which splits nice and evenly at Santana’s no-hitter) is unbelievable.

But the Terry Watch Watch is now officially on, and it begins in an unexpected place.

Here’s Matt Cerrone in MetsBlog

Worse, I hear Collins essentially excusing this behavior in his post-game comments. I’m not saying he needs to go berserk every night, but (at this point in the season) considering they’ve lost 30 of their last 42 games) I’d like to hear and see him hold his players and himself more accountable. Because, right now, it looks like either he lost the team or he’s lost a sense of himself.


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Another Mets second half collapse, next year TC is gonna hear these second half questions from the beginning, all along the year; will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

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