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Think bigger picture by trading Wright, Dickey and Jonathon Niese to add eight-to-10 prospects and truly begin to address what has long been the Mets’ downfall: Lack of depth up and down the organization.

via Trade Wright and Dickey? That’s what Mets need to do to build winner –

To me, it’s not just about what we root for (laundry) but who we root for (the individuals).

Trading Niese is interestig because he’s been good not awesome.

Trading Dickey makes a lot of sense.  His value will never be higher, and as I keep pointing out that 1974 birth date will never change.  I don’t think they should extend him until this contract runs out because even in the worst case scenarios I would rather see a 39 year old 2-time Cy Young walk away than be saddled with a multi-year deal with a 39 year old pitcher who had a good year in 2012.

Don’t forget John Maine and Oliver Perez won 15 games too.

As for Wright, he is never ever going anywhere.  Again, get yourself a media pass and hang around by home plate at 4pm and watch who is networking with the VIP guests.  The Mets need the marketing that is David Wright.  He is worth more to them than any other player, and it’s worth more to David to be a Met than to be anywhere else. Ask the invisible ex-superstar in Miami how the endorsements are going.

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What people continue to forget, and not account for, is that Dickey does not throw like Wakefield or Hough. R.A. is putting significantly more wear and tear on his body than typical soft-tossing knuckleballers. And don't forget, in college, and his first 10 years of professional baseball he wasn't a knuckleball pitcher.

Michael Testa
Michael Testa

Shannon - I couldn't agree with you more that this is what the Mets SHOULD do, but you know they will find a way to screw it up. The only thing about Dickey where I might disagree is that yes, his arm is 37 years old and will be 39 by the time he starts an extension, but he is a knuckleballer and Wakefield pitched effectively until age 45, Hough until 46, etc. So all 37 year olds are not created equal. I type this as I am wearing my Dickey jersey, by the way.

Dustin Bartley
Dustin Bartley

Agreed 100% - just wanted to add that I hate how everyone acts like this year is a fluke for Dickey. Yes, there's a good chance that this may be his best season ever, but don't forget that he had two very solid seasons prior to this that justified his current contract. I understand if you're saying it's not worth paying Cy Young $$$ for the Dickey of 2010 and 2011, but even that vintage of Dickey was probably worth more than he's being paid now. I have to imagine they could work something out.

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