Will Michael Kay honor his bet?

Well here we are on September second and the Mets just won their 63rd game – solidifying yet another season where they will not lose over 100 games, but don’t tell Michael Kay from E.S.P.N Radio !!

Before the season started Mr. Kay- the afternoon drive  host for E.S.P.N, and resident Yankee broadcasting shill predicted that the Mets would lose at least 100 games. He saw that the Mets had a very quiet off season transaction wise so he figured that it would be a shoo-in that this season’s team would rival the ’62 Mets in futility.

I just hope that he lives up to the friendly wager that he made with fellow Mets blogger, Mike Silva, and wears a Mets jersey on his show.

via This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: The ” Michael Kay Was Wrong Again” Edition 09-02-12 » Real Dirty Mets Blog.

A long excerpt but something tells me @lagranderusty won’t mind.

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