First glance at Mets schedule: no awesome road trips

Adam Rubin has the details on the schedule, but for what i care about…

1. Remember there are only 2 games vs. Yankees at Citi, so if you make some $ selling the Yankee games to off-set your 15 game plan there is one fewer game to sell.

2. I don’t see any cool road-trips like this year’s SF-SD pairing (which I wound up not taking). Arizona-LA could work, but in August it is unappealing to me. Give me that pair in April and I’d bite.

The new schedule calls for season-long interleague play to accommodate having 15 teams in each league. As such, the Mets visit Minnesota (April 12-14), the White Sox (June 25-26) and Cleveland (Sept. 6-8). They host the White Sox (May 7-8), Royals (Aug. 2-4) and Tigers (Aug. 23-25).

via Mets Blog – ESPN New York.

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what, you're not psyched for a Minnesota-Colorado April road trip?

John Barron
John Barron

Pleasantly surprised we're only looking at 20 interleague games and it looks somewhat balanced, at first glance. Could have been a lot worse. And I think the road trip thing is more about the 9-game trip before the ASG... Milwaukee-to-San Francisco-to-Pittsburgh is very weird.

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