Mark asks why I say David Wright is never ever going anywhere

Mark writes:

I never understood your optimism with Wright staying a Met. Why do you think he’ll sign here long term and why do you think he even wants to? Ownership shows no interest to improve, if he wants to win, why sign here? Romanticism in sports is long dead. Loyalty as well. No longer will you have guys retiring instead of joining a hated rival. The player goes to the highest bidder. What makes Wright any different? I fail to see it. He’s already stated he wants to win, that right there is an exit sign in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong I want him to stay. At what point does that become selfish as a fan? We know this team will not impove anytime soon. Why stay? He might be on a contending team when he’s 38 and then we’ll bitch about him not hitting in the clutch. Let him win something, he deserves it. We ain’t winning this decade. This above anything else, is the Mets way. Homegrown talent? tease the fans about re-signing then not even offer a contract. I’m happy I have the All-Star game to distract me from how bad the team will be next season.

From the ownership side I see the value of David Wright beyond the actual baseball. He is the marketing. He is the guy that signs the autographs to the VIPs at 4pm. Ask the Mets if you can come in early one day. You have to see it to get it.

David is the one at the hospital. He is the face you can put in front of advertisers and ticket buyers. He also happens to be good at third base.

From the player side there is value to being David Wright of the Mets. David Wright of the Mets can get endorsement deals that Jose Reyes of the Marlins won’t. David Wright of the Mets is somebody in a way that Andy Pettitte of the Astros was not.

It’s not always about the money. If you told me right now to take a 20% pay cut but I could live closer to the beach I would. If you told me I could blog about the Mets all day for half of what I make at MI6 I would jump at it.

David Wright of the Red Sox might have an OK life. David Wright of the Cubs could be a folk hero If he won. David Wright of the Royals is a nobody.

As for this team won’t win at all this decade? Wow that’s pretty early to huge up. It’s the same as giving up in 1982. Your favorite Mets of all time might be about to show up, and David might be the veteran leadership.

David Wright is never ever going anywhere.

Written in traffic on a bus over potholes. Excuse any typos.

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Mark Vega
Mark Vega

Pardon my bleak outlook but I can't see much changing. C'mon we're paying Bonilla till when, 2030? It's dumb moves like this that have me convinced we ain't winning. Why would David want to be this awesome face of the Mets but play on a team that consistantly loses 80-90 games a year? A team that is plucky and gritty full of heart in the first half then the trade dealine comes and goes without any effort to improve and reward the players efforts and bam, down the drain (a consistant force of nature since 2007). Let the man go, let him win. Let him hoist the trophy and wear that ring. He deserves it but let's be real, the Wilpons have no interest in winning, they just want to milk a dead horse and let it rot while telling us we're in it to win it. Can't wait for Sandy to say "Maybe I should'a sent David a hallmark card with some hersheys kisses" once he signs elsewhere. Again, I want David to stay a Met till he retires, I agree he's the man and of course I want us to win but I've just become so sour that I'll hafta see it to believe it. That goes with signing Wright to winning the world series. Hey it worked with the No-No. I hope you're right Shannon, I really do BUT it's the Mets and that right there should tell the whole story. Where did "The Franchise" end up? Where was he in '83? That's the Mets way and that'll be the Mets way with Wright. I


I stopped getting hung up on particular players long ago. Still have my favorites, but nobody departing really upsets me. I was more concerned about getting Ollie Perez the heck out of town than I am about Wright or anybody else leaving.


I'm with Mark - hope he stays, don't think he will, and frankly, totally understand his desire to be on winner (which won't be here under this management and this ownership). Plus, what neither of you guys dealt with was the market for Wright - which, I think, is huge. And partly for the reasons Shannon stated: he can be some other owner's face of the franchise just as easily as he could be Wilpon's - signing those same early BP autographs for the 1% types. Who says that has to be here? I can see several big payroll teams getting serious about Wright - either as a trade after the Mets take their option, or as a free agent after he plays it out to half-empty Citi Field next summer: Dodgers Braves Red Sox Yankees Heck, I can even see that team in South Florida getting that would really be hideous.

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