Hey @mlb With 363 days to go let's work out the 9-11-13 caps issue

Hey @mlb @mlb_pr @mets @new_era_caps @fdny @nypdnews and other related parties..

I observe here right now and very loudly that on September 11, 2013 the Mets will host the Nationals.

I propose to you all that you have 363 days to work out a solution that will allow the Mets to wear first responder caps on-field during the game.

As I have previously posted, (a) MLB was OK with it at one point in the past, (b) MLB allowed Spiderman 2 bases so I don’t want to hear about the purity of the game and (c) the MLB Shop is selling presumably official non-bootleg NYPD/Mets merchandise already (see below).

There you have it. You all know how to reach each other. 363 days to go. Work it out. Whoever needs to be paid can be paid. All the stakeholders can be paid. New Era can sell some caps, they can do whatever they want with their cut, Fred can put his cut to the charity of his choice, NYPD and the others can put their cut to whatever they want and the central fund can do whatever they do with Stars and Stripes caps.

363 Days. Work it out. The Mets-Nats game will not sneak up on us. Work it out.

Oh and Mets – make the ask. Let Bud Selig tell America he doesn’t want you to honor first responders.

(I couldn’t find a twitter for the PAPD)

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Will Musto
Will Musto

I disagree with the Mets' wearing DSNY hats...those weren't originally worn in 2001...why were they worn during BP yesterday (and last year).

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