Citi Field Feeling Like Home

Mr. Shark and I have been talking about this since the middle of the year. Citi Field is finally feeling like home. There is a sense of community amongst the fans now at games, people are wearing more blue and orange(less black), and the stadium finally has memories in it. I was also hanging with Darren from over the weekend and we were talking about the same thing. He told me about this email he received from a guy who attended his first game at Citi Field. I was there for that game it was a fun time. It was nice to have a whole section of fans together like that.

Here’s part of the email.

People can say it was a meaningless game. As far as I’m concerned, it never felt like that for one minute! I think The 7 Line has brought the “home” feel and the energy to Citi Field. I’m looking forward to even more in the coming seasons! People who aren’t Mets fan will never understand why we love this team the way we do, but that’s alright, we do!

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