My contrarian view on the Mets extending R.A. Dickey

In a post below Media Goon asked what I would think of R.A. pitching hurt all year.

I think the world of R.A. Dickey.  He’s a man’s man.  A folk-hero.  Great guy who I have spent a small amount of time with and loved him.  Charismatic.  Genuine.  Cy Young.

And almost 38.

I have been watching baseball a long time and the Mets cannot let themselves get caught up in the emotion of a magical year.

R.A., great guy, Cy Young…is signed at a nice friendly $5 million.  Leave it alone.

The worst that happens is he leaves in a year as a nearly 39 year old back to back Cy Young Award winner.

Lightning doesn’t often strike twice.  The Mets don’t have money, and what little money they have can be used elsewhere.

It doesn’t mean I don’t love the guy, it just means it doesn’t make sense to spend money they don’t have and don’t need to spend.

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