Mets to pay $12 million to a 40 year old pitcher?

Would you pay any 40 year old pitcher 12 million dollars?

In 2012…

Mariano Rivera got injured

Takashi Saito had no record in 4 games for Arizona, went on DL with a hamstring.

Darren Oliver pitched in 62 games to a 2.06 ERA

39 year old Bartolo Colon went 10-9.  He was also suspended 50 games.

39 year old Derek Lowe was 9-11 with a 5.11 ERA

40 year old Andy Pettitte was 5-4 to a 2.87 ERA but missed much of the year.

You are familiar with the work of Miguel Batista and Jason Isringhuasen.

I won’t count Jamie Moyer in the discussion.

As for Dickey, a veteran agent suggested he might be seeking a deal similar to the one Oliver Perez signed with the Mets before the 2009 season – three years and around $36 million.

via Mets could have Wright and Dickey signed by the World Series | Metsblog.

I love Dickey.  I get that this is the one and only opportunity for big money.  But I don’t see any reason the Mets need to rush to extend him.

He was a hard luck 8-13 in 2011.  Would you take a $12 million 8-13 in 2015?  No, people will be writing Stupid Mets columns.

The worst that happens is a two time Cy Young walks away at age 39.

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If he were 5 years younger, he would be getting a 6 year $120 mm per year deal. That is a fair price for both sides


Doesn't RA shake enough CEO hands around the ole batting cage before Mets games?

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