The arm rolling woman who sat behind home at Shea has died

From Kevin:

I believe I’d mentioned this to you before, but I was lucky to get to know “Mets Lady,” Bo Field, back in the mid-1990s. She was a great woman. She died yesterday. She absolutely believed she was responsible for making Bob Stanley throw that wild pitch in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.
I actually knew her before I knew she was Mets lady. I used to go to the Lyndhurst Diner all the time, and she was our waitress. We’d actually ask for her. She worked days. One night, in 1995, after a game, she comes into the diner while I was there with my friend, Dom, decked out in her Mets regalia, and lo and behold, Bo Field was Mets Lady. I hadn’t realised it until the day she was in her “Mets uniform,” which included the hat, Mets earrings, Mets buttons, etc.
I remember how upset she was, I believe it was 1998, when the Mets added the blue cushioned seats in front of her seats. She’d had her’s since 1964 — and if memory serves me correctly, she wasn’t even offered the opportunity to upgrade her seats so she’d still have the best seats in the house.
Her obit is linked below. Sad.

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