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Mark Healey continues to stir the Metsosphere with another post.

I want accountability, I want to end inefficiency  I want the professional baseball team that I root for to respect my intelligence. So I am willing to stay away. I am willing to risk being loathed publicly by calling people out for being part of the problem and not part of the solution.

via Choose The Mets 2013 – The Schmucks Strike Back | Gotham Nation.

If you follow @metspolice on twitter you know I’ve friendly argues with Mark all year long.  In the simplest version of my counter-argument I will just say that I enjoy going to baseball games with my son, my cousin, and my friends both old and made-thru-the-mets connection.  Banner Day was awesome.  Those who attended Santana and Dickey tell me they were awesome.  Why cheat yourself of memories trying to out-wait Jeff Wilpon?

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His argument loses all respect once he insults fans with opposing views. You shouldn't relink any more of his rants because of it...

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