Remember Tim Lincecum?

You guys remember Tim Lincecum, right?  Best pitcher in the NL.  Who wouldn’t have wanted to sign him to a long term deal?

Yeah, it’s a cliche, but I think we can get away with using the term “what a difference two years makes” when mentioning  one of the biggest reversal of fortune in recent baseball memory.

via Giants announce World Series rotation and Tim Lincecum is not in it | Big League Stew – Yahoo! Sports.

The Mets hold a club option for 2013 for R.A. Dickey who is an awesome human being I root for.  But the Mets hold a club option.  There’s no need to rush to extend Dickey’s deal.

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He doubled his ERA since last year & is #1 in wild pitches in the NL. What the hell happened to him? I think he'd flourish in the AL, but I'd still love the Mets to get him!

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