What I hear about the Las Vegas 51's uniforms

So you’re sitting home alone making snide Fred Wilpon jokes about the current 51s uniforms and their combo of blue with red numbers being very Dodger like.  (They used to be a Dodgers affiliate).

I hear they are considering switching the numbers to orange.

I know I make fun of the word “consider” since it is wiiiiiiide open to consideration.  (Have I “considered” making this a Star Trek blog?  Yes, I just did.  then i decided not to.  Total time spent considering = 1 second.  Have the Mets “considered” trading Wright?  Yes.  They have also “considered” moving to Mercury.)  But “consider” aside it seems like orange numbers is an actual possibility.

The font will not change for 2013.

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I wouldn't make any significant changes if I were them. Since they are by most accounts the least desirable AAA affiliate, they'll probably change their MLB partner quite a few more times in the future. Thus, it's best for them to just retain their own identity and not take on the parent club's. Switching the color of the numbers would be a nice nod to the Mets without making any drastic changes that they'd just have to re-do in a few years.


Whatever they come up with, all I hope is that they are back in the IL in 2 years..and hopefully in Syracuse.

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