The Mets have some questions for ticket plan holders

Our favorite baseball team has some questions for plan holders.

Some Qs that catch my eye…

What percentage of games in your 2012 plan did you personally attend?

I translate that to mean “how many do you post on Stubhub?”
This next one is a nice Q.
How could your experience as a 20 or 15 game plan holder be improved?
This is fun.
Compared to previous years, would you say the value of your ticket package has increased, decreased or remained the same?
Then you’re asked to rank the factors that affect your opinion of the value of the package.  Choices include star players and team performance, but also “resale price of your tickets on the secondary market.” – so looks like my earlier Spidey sense was correct.  I also like that they mention “Personal Account Executive” – I think mine changed four times last season.
Which statement most accurately describes your feelings about the team in 2013?

 The team is going in the right direction.
 The team is going in the wrong direction.
Overall, a nice survey.  I look forward to spending time in hopefully “my” seats in 2013.

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Brian Palmenteri
Brian Palmenteri

I am a member of an MLB panel and they sent a survey in the past few weeks that had to do with purchasing tickets on StubHub. They are clearly concerned about this issue but they can't forbid people to sell their tickets so they are going to be forced to lower ticket prices.

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