Marathon canceled: Big Gulps for everyone!


My oh my the blog is political today. This post has nothing to do with the Mets but the blog is and always has been about me (as I self-analyze and write my book which I need to finish).

This was the right decision. I’d love to know what changed between 4 and 6 o’clock that made Mayor For Life (term limits, pffft) finally realize nearly nobody wanted a race this weekend.

I trained for months. Slugged out runs every night after work. Never slept in on Sunday. Exactly – who gives a shit?

So I ran in my free time and can’t run the city on Sunday. BFD.

People don’t have power, heat, food, homes and in some cases their loved ones.

So I sort-of got in kind-of shape. I can run some other time. Whatever.

This is the right decision. It’s a shame that millions of people had to complain before Hizzonner figured it out.

Everyone go have a large soda and toast it up to Mike and whatever your political inclinations are, don’t forfeit your right to vote on Tuesday.

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Patrick Cooley
Patrick Cooley

As a big fan of the site, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished and we are proud of you as part of the Mets family. You'll get your race in.


Keep the money raised and donate it to the shelter, You are right--you can run in another race. I have friends who have lost everything--this is the time to band together and take care of each other. Stay safe and if you have power and heat--share with your friends, family and neighbors--I have had a full house all week and they are all Yankee fans (lol) but we are all ok and my friends will rebuild their house and most importantly--no one is hurt.

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