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I finally got heat back in my house last night..and that’s because I got power back. I had actually stopped caring about power and was in a groove with iPad by candlelight.

Now that the power is back, and the Marathon is behind us (thanks again to all who donated to the fundraiser, I will dig into that situation in the next few days), and I can tweak out my new computer, hopefully I can back into the swing of blogging about uniforms and Daniel Murphy.

I expect the Mets to hold a presser to announce the blue uniforms next week or so, so that will be exciting.

We are talking about turning the Mazzilli Awards into a live “event” – maybe we all meet up somewhere and have some fun. I’m going to start working that out with @mediagooand will ask @the7line for some input since I think it was his idea (I can’t remember anything from October) and he is good at those things.

Today we have an update Fromm @dtwohig’s relief efforts in the Rockaways, and some info from @the7line about other ways to help. That’s all coming up this morning.

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