The7Line’s Calendar Release Party

I got to McFadden’s right about 8 pm and there was a nice long line at the door to get in. Great thing about having the party this year at Citi Field’s McFadden’s is that there was more room then the one in the city. Last year we were all packed in there like sardines. This year there was probably still as many people, if not more, but you could move around easier. Everyone had a good time,from the Ladies of the Blue and Orange Calendar,the 7line/Mets Fans, and even Darren had a little surprise. He was surprised with a birthday cake from his family and was serenaded with Happy Birthday from the crowd. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I had to leave early due to having to be up at 5 am for work the next day.

Click here for the Calendar Cover Reveal

Darren is also very charity minded.Besides the uNitY tee shirt he is selling online, he also set up a food drop off and a donation jar for the victims of Sandy.

Good job by Darren to think about doing this during the event and also good job by all who have donated by buying the uNitY tees, dropping off the the food, and donating money to the jar.

Purchase the uNitY tee here 100% proceeds go to the Sandy Victims

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