Mets Jedi-mind tricked me into buying 2013 tickets


The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I’m sitting at my desk when suddenly my hands start typing out an email to my ticket rep at Citi Field.

The next thing I know is I’m on the phone getting tickets to the 15 games I picked, in the seats I want to sit in (aka “my” seats).

I read on twitter that this is a bad thing to do, yet there I was ordering tickets.

Now that I have these tickets I guess I will have to go to baseball games with my son and hang out with my friends. Maybe even see a baseball game while I am there.

Stay strong friends. Sit home another year lest the Wilpons trick you into witnessing a no-hitter, a 20th win or egads even an All Star Game.Bored with Sports Talk Radio? Try Alternative Sports Talk via TuneIn

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