The Mets will charge you no less than $63 to get in the building on Opening Day

Cheesus Effing Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Here are the ticket prices for Opening Day!!!!!!!

This is a supply and demand thing.  I guess someone decided that they can sell out at these prices, and they are probably right.

However, right now I’d love to see them have 15,000 empty seats on Opening Day.  It’s your money…nobody makes you buy maybe choose NO.

And because your testicles don’t hurt enough add on “total convenience fee” for 2 tickets = $14.50

But wait – there’s a fee on fee!  “Total Handling Fee” $2.00

Two tickets, opening day in the uppers (bot not behind home plate) $142.50


Seriously folks, think long and hard if you want to support this one.  Wow.

For those of you who think the blog has gone soft…just wait til I have a few free minutes.


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Shannon Shark @metspolice

Shannon Shark is the founder of, tweets as @metspolice, is an avid fan of Lee Mazzilli and Daniel Murphy, hates black uniforms and is the author of "Send The Beer Guy" available at #imwith28

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10 Responses

  1. tomwatson says:

    Those are Rolling Stones prices!

    But heck, at least we signed Brian Bixler.

    Clearly, Sandy Alderson needs to be on your Mets all-time turkeys list – the man who offered the best SS in team history a box of chocolates, after the fact. Now that’s a turkey.

  2. SkillSets says:

    The REAL Mets Police have [has?] returned. These are Highlander prices for a Las Vegas or less level ball club.

  3. Jerry says:

    Wow.. at $63 not worth it.

  4. I’ve been to every Home Opener since 1995. At that price, it’s going to be very tough for me to keep the streak going.

  5. Mets Fan says:

    They didn’t sell out last year at half that price. If they truly apply dynamic pricing, the price should come to no more than $40

  6. aaguero9 says:

    I did think you had gone soft, but you brought me back with this one. Proud of this post because everyone needs to send a message now!

  7. disqus_3DzKo4GY3S says:

    They haven’t sold out the past two opening days, no matter what they claim. Season ticketholders in our section pay the same as last year. Realize that a 49% stake in YES just brought $3 billion. SNY is also in a strong position. Fannies in the seats are now just icing on the Twinkie.

  8. $63 will be peanuts compared to the All-star Game strip maybe $350 or $400.
    To note mets do not control All-star game prices

  9. Ron Bruning says:

    Note too that the same p[rices apply to the 2 Yankee games at Citi this season

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