HOME is missing from the Citi Field Mets Home Run Apple

Chris F sent me this picture and speculates that it could be Sandy damage.   I have several sarcastic theories related to $63-rage and eBay but they probably aren’t accurate so I will keep them to myself.

Below is a picture I uploaded to the blog in April 2010.

I thought I’d re-list some of the posts from the last few days. A lot has been going on and there was a holiday and whatnot. For your reading pleasure..

MetsBro says it’s time for The Wilpons to Put Up or Shut Up

Good old Mike Vacc killed The Wilpons in print

And Jeff Wilpon is still tone-deaf to the fanbase.  Duda, Baxter and Nieuwenhuis for $63?

Oh and I killed Jeff Wilpon on the web on Wednesday: Hold Tight and Pretend It’s A Plan!

My TV will never get its World Series ring

Obnoxious Capitalism continues with yet another mention of The Mets Police Holiday Gift Guide.  But seriously, why wouldn’t you grab the Mets50 DVD set for $30?

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  1. “Run” – I love it. If that’s not a clear message to Mets fans to go along with $63 for nosebleeds, I don’t know what is. Run, indeed! Don’t walk…

  2. Anything the Mets are selling can probably be had cheaper on eBay or Amazon.


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