The $63 Question: Will you help Wilpons or fight cancer?

With just a few days left in our fund raising drive to raise money to fight prostate and testicular cancer – the Movember movement- I need to up the ante.  Right now we are well off our goal and need your help.

You can donate directly to The Blue Cap Army at this link.  No amount is too small, but $63 will make a statement.

Feel free to spend your discretionary income however you’d like.  If Opening Day will make you happy then give the $63 to Jeff Wilpon’s organization.  If you’d like to support the Movember movement, we thank you.

And to be fair to at least some members of the organization, here’s Dave Howard with a mustache and a “Team Mets” shirt which makes me think HE is supporting Movember.  I was unable to find anything “official” about it…if someone is aware of a link I’m happy to share and promote.  It’s entirely possible there’s an official Mets Movember movement in which case I encourage you to donate the $63 to their efforts.

Approximately 1 of every 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point within their lifetime.  In perspective that means that 5 members of the Mets 40 man roster will probably contract prostate cancer.  Or of you’re a dude reading this, YOU have a 1 in 8 chance.

Not counting some forms of skin cancer, prostate cancer in the United States is—

  • The most common cancer in men, no matter your race or ethnicity.
  • The second most common cause of death from cancer among white, African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Hispanic men.
  • The fourth most common cause of death from cancer among Asian/Pacific Islander men.
  • More common in African-American men compared to white men.
  • Less common in American Indian/Alaska Native and Asian/Pacific Islander men compared to white men.
  • More common in Hispanic men compared to non-Hispanic men.

In 2008 (the most recent year for which numbers are available)—

  • 214,633 men in the United States were diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • 28,471 men in the United States died from prostate cancer.

You can donate directly to The Blue Cap Army at this link.  No amount is too small.

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