D’Alessandro: Mets franchise looks bad smearing Dickey in New York tabloids | NJ.com

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“I just feel sad about it,” Dickey said of the Mets’ smear during a conference call yesterday. “It just seems beyond coincidence that there is the article at this moment. I never heard complaints, and I don’t quite understand the timing. But if you put two and two together, it looks like there’s a force out there trying to sway the public perception.

When they played on a Tuesday, there was a billboard outside Citi Field informing the fans passing by that he’d be pitching on Thursday. When you called for a ticket package last summer, they wanted to know if you were interested in the R.A. Dickey ticket plan — though this was probably before they tried to buy it online, where you’d also pay that “convenience fee.”

But now, this is what they want you to know about the guy they held as the face of the franchise: He wasn’t what you thought he was.

“My response to that is, ‘Go ask my teammates,” he replied.

via D’Alessandro: Mets franchise looks bad smearing Dickey in New York tabloids | NJ.com.

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  1. OK, let’s think about this for a moment. If the Mets really do have an evil gnome planting stories about their players, how come he only talks to one writer at one paper? The subplot of all these stories from other writers is to say, “Don’t read Davidoff’s crap. He’s just a Wilpon stooge,” but if the other writers were fed the same info and refused to play along, they should have the stones to say so.


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