2006 Shea Stadium Pictures – Mike V’s Countdown To Mets Opening Day

Mike V’s Countdown To Opening Day:

Here are a couple pictures I took from my seats at Shea Stadium on Opening Day 2006.  On April 3, 2006, the Mets took on the “NATS,” with Tom Glavine on the mound.  The Mets won the game.

Check out the ads on the outfield wall. I am pretty sure I didn’t think anything of the AIG sign at the time.

I was living in North Carolina in 2006, but was so committed to making it to Opening Day, I was willing to buy a “six pack” to make sure I would get in.  It wasn’t too bad when you consider the face value of these incredible seats was $18 – less than a third of today’s $63 face value.

To get fans pumped up in the winter of 2005/2006, the Mets had picked up Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner (as well as Paul LoDuca to replace borderline-Hall-of-Fame candidate Mike Piazza).

Shea Stadium Opening Day 2006 IF Shea Stadium Opening Day 2006 OF


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