Mets:Mike Piazza Not Voted into MLB HOF

Mike Piazza #31
A complete shut out in the Hall of Fame nominees for this year. The top three that got votes were Biggio(68.2 %), Morris(67.7%), and Bagwell with(59.6%). Piazza had 57.7% of the vote. Clemens and Bonds had under 38%.

Here are the top 10 in votes

Craig Biggio 388 (68.2%)
Jack Morris 385 (67.7%)
Jeff Bagwell 339 (59.6%)
Mike Piazza 329 (57.8%)
Tim Raines 297 (52.2%)
Lee Smith 272 (47.8%)
Curt Schilling 221 (38.8%)
Roger Clemens 214 (37.6%)
Barry Bonds 206 (36.2%)
Edgar Martinez 204 (35.9%)

From the @mets twitter feed-

Mike Piazza received 329 votes (57.8 percent) falling short in his first-year of HOF eligibility. #Bummer
1/9/13 2:03 PM

#Mets COO Jeff Wilpon on Piazza: We hope in the not too distant future that Mike Piazza will take his rightful place in the @BaseballHall…
1/9/13 2:05 PM

Wilpon on Piazza: The statistics he compiled during his career as a catcher were unmatched by anyone in the history of the game…
1/9/13 2:06 PM
Wilpon on Piazza: We are optimistic one day soon Mike‘s plaque, with a Mets cap, will be hanging in Cooperstown where it truly belongs.
1/9/13 2:06 PM

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Mike Piazza? Responds to Today's Hall of Fame Vote
Mike Piazza, Hall of Famer. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

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